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"Embracing the Future of Education: Harvard's AI Teacher and the Changing Role of Educators"

Recently, Harvard introduced an AI teacher for its students. You might be wondering why this was done, how it was developed, what the future implications are, and importantly, did it replace any human teachers? I'll aim to answer all these questions here.

The greatest value a teacher can offer a student is individual attention and the capacity to address any inquiries. Nevertheless, it's practically impossible to offer this to every student in a class. This is where AI comes into play. Designed for one-to-one interactions and available 24/7, each student receives a personal teacher tailored to their learning needs. That's the core reason why Harvard adopted this approach.

The development of this AI bot was built upon OpenAI models, the same ones powering ChatGPT, and this is only the beginning. The immense value AI can bring to students could provide a competitive edge to any educational institution. In the future, it will be inconceivable to think of teaching as anything other than fully personalized. This is the future that we, as educators, need to prepare for.

Finally, to answer the most important question: did it replace any teachers? Quite the contrary, in fact. Now, a class teacher becomes the manager of all the AI bots individualized for each student. A teacher's role is enhanced, as they will monitor, train, and provide human oversight to the AI. Such teachers become even more valuable and are likely to command higher salaries as a result.

We must ensure that teachers and principals do not feel overwhelmed by this seemingly intimidating future. I conducted a survey amongst my educator contacts and found that only about 10% of them have even tried ChatGPT, with fewer than 2% utilizing it to its full potential. Alarmingly, many dismissed the potential of AI or were under the false assumption that their institutions are already doing enough in terms of AI or student's coding needs for future.

I encourage you all to try ChatGPT, as it's an easy first step. If you need any assistance, please reach out through comments or direct messages. I've prepared a simple guide for educators to help you start your AI journey. It's also advanced enough to take you to the next level, where only the top 1% of educators currently reside. I would be happy to share this document for free with anyone who engages with this post.

Let's embark on this exciting new AI journey together!

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